• Create your online identity

    There’s no second chance to make a first impression. Especially not online. Make sure that your digital identity reflects the offline image of your company.

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  • Experience is key

    Make sure you get your clients by the guts. Create a webexperience they won’t forget. In a positive way of course.

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  • No rocket science

    As an entrepreneur you’re the person who wants full control over the business. Convenience is a starting point. Technology the way.

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Crivex is your e-commerce specialist.

Let us help you conquer the online market.

We deliver unique and state of the art webshop designs for Lightspeed and Magento. Well that’s what we like to think. Together with our clients we find the best solution for their needs. This can be a mind blowing one product pop-up shop or a server crashing 10000 product selling monster. In the end we try to keep things simple and keep you happy. Over a hundred companies are falling for our services and products. They can’t all be idiots, right?

Can we help you find the way?

What are you here for?

Discover what we have to offer.

I’m not present online yet

start your shop

This means you either have a physical shop and no website or you’re a start-up. In both cases can we help you into the right direction. Give us a call on skype (crivexonline) and we’ll be glad to guide you further without any restrictions.

I’m a webshop owner

move your shop

If you already own an online shop and want to switch to Lightspeed or Magento than we can help you move. You can decide to first start by installing one of our beautiful themes or directly call for some custom work.

I’m a Crivex client

customize your shop

If you’re already a Crivex client and looking for support you came to the right place. We seriously treasure you and try to offer the best support possible. Get in touch via skype, our support form or browse our extensive support form.