The way we provide eyecare to patients needs innovation.

The human eye is a beautiful piece of anatomic equipment. Not only because it gives us humans the power of sight. But also because it gives medical specialists the ability to frame the complete body condition without having to intervene when they look into the eye.

Our startup uses this power to its full extend developing a combination of hardware and software system to record, analyze and provide helpful data to clinicians. Creating a reliable source of information about their patients health condition.

Collect all necessary data for your
examination in a wink of an eye

The Eyeray is capturing it all


Multiple sensors capture from different angles specific data from a patients eye within less than 5 minutes. The capturing is non-invasive and causes a minimal impact on patients.


All the captured data is analyzed, sanitized and then put together automatically. It directly uses pattern recognition to evaluate a patients eye current status.

Render 3D image

A complete 3D replica of the patients eye is produced complete with 3D pinned labels to help formulate an ophthalmologists diagnosis.

We make sure your data comes alive

Beyeble : The cloud based
patient management system

Medical data is only

relevant when your

specialist can read it.

That’s why we started this project as being specialists in eyecare ourselves. We exactly know which data is relevant and how to run a medical business in combination with the right technologies.


What’s the plan?


We're currently in the research phase. We've set up meetings with developers, engineers, desingers to explore all the possibilities.

Pitching the project

Next is the pitching phase. With a visual prototype we will convince research groups to help us develop a real working prototype.

Funds and investments

Once we have a working prototype, it's time to find investors to finance the project.