Why Visual Theme?

The tale that led our lives for a year.

It took us one year to build this theme. Designing, redesigning, building, rebuilding. Checking for bugs. Releasing it for tests and starting all over again because it’s just not good enough. This happened 5 times. One can imagine how many computer screens we’ve thrown out of the window, walls we’ve kicked down and employees got bald during this painful creative process. But our love for releasing the ultimate template for e-commerce purposes fed us on nights we continued working. Beware, because this is Visual Theme. The standard for e-commerce stores all over the world. Enjoy!

Google rates our template as the fastest available.

Try for yourself:

#1 Theme for Lightspeed!

3 Amazing presets

To give you an impression of the possibilities with our theme we’ve created 3 amazing presets for 3 differtent businesses.

Many e-commerce shops are data-driven and not experience driven. Lousy user-experience is the standard whereas websites are taking more and more the lead in proving that well-designed frameworks ensure returning customers. With Visual Theme we’ve spend time creating such a framework and we’ve put more focus on images. Because images can stimulate the brain within a millisecond and data such as text takes much longer for the brain to process. Scientific research proves: the first 10 seconds are crucial for online visitors in their decision to browse further. Are you convinced now?

Visual Theme Main

The Green Store

Red Man Shop

The last Theme you’ll ever need to buy…

Unique features

It’s all about the details

Ready for US/CANADA market

Start selling in the US or Canada from day 1 with Lightspeed

Ready for German market

Start selling in Germany from day 1 with Lightspeed

Unique product overlays

Use your logo as a product overlay to personalise your shop

Extremely Responsive

It doesn’t matter if you use a mobile device or a UltraHD widescreen

Google Pagespeed Record

One of the fastest loading templates for lightspeed

Multiple Headers and Footers

Create a complete different feel with different headers and footers

Unique Selling Points

Be different and present your company in 4 keyphrases

Social Network Integration

Visual Theme includes the most common networking tools

Bootstrap based

The template is build on the latest Bootstrap v3 framework

Extensive Support

It’s good to know we’ve been partners with Lightspeed from the start. You know we’ll still be there in a year time.

If you’re new and still don’t have any clue how to start your online business don’t be afraid to start a chat with us. If you know how to get on Skype we can help you set up a store. Best thing: our advice is free. Even if you decide to not work with us.

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Youtube Installation movie

One movie can tell you more than a thousand guides.

For a proper display of your products

One movie can tell you more than a thousand guides.

There are no stupid questions

F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions

You’re probably wondering. But we receive over 50 mails a day with common questions. Check them here:

What happens if I activate the Template Editor?

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Can I have more slides in the slider?

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Visual Theme Shortcodes

With some HTML/CSS knowledge you can customize your site even further!

We felt the need to further customize textpages without activating the template editor. This can almost not be done in Lightspeed. Therefor we created an option in the theme settings called “Theme Customizer” which can be found under 1. General Settings. Activate this and you can use a sort of shortcodes on textpages. Basically this erases all previous CSS rules and leaves you with a fullwidth space to fill in. Only use this feature if you have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

How to insert a shortcode

  1. Choose a textpage. This can either be in a Category field or a TextPage field
  2. Go to the Text editor by clicking on the HTML button in the text field editor
  3. Insert all the HTML shortcodes and save the fileCrivex_snel_HTML_editor

Basic Shortcode Rules


Setting up a full width image for a category


Font Styling


Font Color Styling


Background Color


Border Styling


Padding Styling


Alignment Styling


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Sign up to our support newsletter. Why? Because we often release updates for the theme which may need your attention.