24/7 aware of your inventory. As an entrepreneur, you always want full control over your store. Consult and manage your inventory the easy way with Inventory Alarm for Lightspeed E-commerce.

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1. Be informed when stocks run low

Go to your online Crivex Dashboard and set an alarm for a minimal stock level. When the stock of a product gets below this level you’ll be notified via mail. When your stock reaches 0 a final alarm is triggered.

2. No loss of sales during stock out

When the stock of a product is 0, a popup is activated on that specific product page. Clients can subscribe for a mailing and receive automatic updates when the product is back in stock again.

3. Monitor and control your inventory

The Crivex Dashboard overview page shows valuable information about your inventory. Get helpful insights in the distribution of your stock and find out which out of stock product is most requested.

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€14,95 per month


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