Inventory Alarm

As an entrepreneur, you always want full control over your store. Consult and manage your inventory the easy way with Inventory Alarm for Lightspeed E-commerce.



High-end Theme for Lightspeed eCommerce. Create the perfect layout for your homepage with the unique Crivex Element builder! Do you want to show the products at the top of the page? Or do you want to show all the brands you offer first? Or maybe put the categories above the brands? It's all up to you!



The Visual Theme is all about the pictures while maintaining quick loading times. With this fullwidth responsive Theme, you turn your shop directly into a professional looking store. Get started quickly with our handy 5 minute installation movie.



Classic Blueprint! One of the most installed themes for Lightspeed of all times. Our first released theme and won the second award for best theme. Since we love this one and a lot of customers are using it, we keep updating it!