Inventory Alarm App

Make more profit with less inventory.

24/7 aware of your inventory. As an entrepreneur, you always want full control over your store. Consult and manage your inventory the easy way with Inventory Alarm for Lightspeed E-commerce.

In addition, you earn extra revenue because customers can register for a reminder for products that are no longer in stock. They will receive a message when you increase the stock again.

12 extra orders

per month*

* e.g. our complete customer base

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1. Be informed when stocks run low

Go to your online Crivex Dashboard and set an alarm for a minimal stock level. When the stock of a product gets below this level you’ll be notified via mail. When your stock reaches 0 a final alarm is triggered.

2. No loss of sales during stock out

When the stock of a product is 0, a popup is activated on that specific product page. Clients can subscribe for a mailing and receive automatic updates when the product is back in stock again.

3. Monitor and control your inventory

The Crivex Dashboard overview page shows valuable information about your inventory. Get helpful insights in the distribution of your stock and find out which out of stock product is most requested.

Boost your

sales now!

You are just one click away from discovering the stock alarm demo. View the demo and then quickly install the app in your store.


The monthly fee for using Inventory Alarm is based on the revenue generated by the App. This means you never pay too much. The diagram below shows exactly how our pricing is organized.

Extra revenue
Monthly fee
Up to 150 euro
150 - 450 euro
14,95 euro p.m.
450 - 1000 euro
44,95 euro p.m.
1000 - 3000 euro
99 euro p.m.
3000+ euro
199 euro p.m.

Extra revenue last month!

for shops that use the Inventory Alarm

How do you invoice?

Our App runs through the Lightspeed billing system itself. So the monthly costs of the App will appear on your total bill.

Pay attention! It can happen that the costs are not settled in the correct month. In that case it will happen in the following month.

How do you calculate the monthly fee?

The monthly fee of the App are calculated each beginning of the month for the previous month. Depending on how much extra revenue the App has generated, you will be placed in a category that month. Each category has its own pricing as shown in the diagram above. This amount is debited during the following month.


Your extra turnover is € 900 in the month of May. Then € 44,95 will be debited in the month of June.

How do you calculate the extra revenue that the app has generated?

We determine this on the basis of a match between the order and the Inventory Alarm registration, with the customer’s e-mail address and the unique article number (variant ID) on which the customer had registered for a “Back in stock” e-mail.

The turnover excluding VAT of the relevant order (including any additional items in the same order) is thereby allocated as extra turnover by Inventory Alarm. This is only the case with orders that are signed as complete.

Any returns are not settled here for reasons of simple and unambiguous invoicing. This has been taken into account in the pricing.

You can easily view the matching orders yourself by clicking from the Crivex dashboard to the orders in your Lightspeed dashboard.

Where can I see how much I will pay next month?

Very simple. Log in to the Crivex dashboard and see what the App has brought you in extra sales that month. In the overview above or in the dashboard you can immediately see how much you pay in license fee that month.

I am an existing Inventory Alarm user. When will the new pricing start?

The new pricing starts on July 1, 2019. That means that you can see changes in your monthly costs from that month.

Something is wrong with invoicing. What can I do?

Is something wrong on your invoice? Please let us know. Contact us on telephone number +316 4828 2915 or send an email to

I would like to cancel the App

What a pity that you want to cancel. Please contact us before you cancel. We would like to hear from you why you are not satisfied. This can be done via telephone number +316 4828 2915 or send an email to

If you cancel before 1 July 2019, you will pay a maximum of € 14.95. Then the variable pricing starts automatically. You can cancel the App easily and quickly via your Lightspeed Dashboard.

Pay attention! When canceling, keep in mind that the subscription costs may still appear on your invoice in the following month. That is because your Lightspeed billing runs daily.

Always free up to € 150 extra revenue per month.

Make use of the full functionality of the App up to an additional turnover of 150 euro. That means unlimited warnings for customers and you as a web shop owner!

Support in multiple languages

Did you know that Inventory Alarm also has a translation option? So you can also use the handy functionality of the App for your foreign shops.

Specific wishes?

We also provide customization for our Inventory Alarm app. Feel free to send us an email or call us for the possibilities.