How can you dream about something if you can’t sleep thinking about it?

We kept thinking about how we could reinvent the concept of individual transportation for the better. Meeting all the expected requirements of current modes of transport. So, it is fast, reliable and offers a door-to-door solution while keeping a close eye on our environment.


Quopter sets the benchmark for future transportation of a group of 2 individuals through air. It’s all-electric 4-bladed engines deliver enough power to get you anywhere in a 2-hour flight radius. Of course, all in luxury and comfort you would expect from current modes of transport.


The Q-Port is a fixed docking station serving two main purposes. It functions as a beacon for the Quopter to get specific landing and take-off information and it provides a source of energy to charge the batteries for your next flight.

the GridSystem

One can invent a machine, but reinventing a concept needs more. To enable growth and a correct handling of the traffic in the air we thought about highways in the sky. The grid system is a fully autonomic way of safely guiding millions of vehicles through the air.

Who is working on

this enormous project?

What once started as a dream has now become a serious project. In this phase we’re gathering every month for a meeting with a team of future engineers, developers and designers from the University of Delft to explore the possibilities.

Want to know more?

Please send an email to and get in touch with us.

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Door-to-door
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fast
  • 2-hour flight range
  • Charged to full in 4 hours
  • 2 people of together 200 kg
  • Fully automatic
  • All weather resistant